3D printed houses Bosrijk

The Netherlands will receive the first 3D-printed concrete house in Eindhoven, Bosrijk.

Innovative parties join forces with Project Milestone

For this project we were allowed to make the impressions and a Virtual Tour.

View the VR tour by clicking on this link.

The municipality of Eindhoven, Eindhoven University of Technology and the companies Van Wijnen, Vesteda, Saint Gobain-Weber Beamix and Witteveen + Bos are going to realize the first habitable house that will come straight out of the printer. The house will be the first of five houses of 3D-printed concrete, which will be erected in the coming years in Eindhoven’s Groenplaats Bosrijk, a landscape park where houses are accommodated in the greenery, located in the new-build Meerhoven neighborhood. The partners sign the cooperation agreement for this on 30 May.

World first
Concrete printing in 3D is an innovation that has the potential to radically change the future of (residential) construction in terms of speed, affordability, sustainability, freedom of form and freedom of choice. With its 3D Concrete Printing Center – TU Eindhoven is led by Prof. dr. Dr. Ir. Theo Salet – one of the world leaders in this field. The five Eindhoven homes will actually be taken into use, and that is a world first. This means, among other things, that the houses must comply with the applicable building regulations and with the requirements that today’s residents impose on matters such as layout, comfort, affordability and quality. The houses are placed as statues in a sculpture garden, so that they become part of the DNA of the Eindhoven neighborhood of Bosrijk. The first affordable 3D-printed rental home will be habitable in mid-2019.

Living Room + Kitchen 1 kl

Living Room + Kitchen 2 kl

bedroom1 kl

ext1. kl

ext3 kl