About YuconVR

YuconVR is the specialist in the field of professional 3D-visualizations, in short CGI, for the real estate industry. Our mission is to show the future. We work for real estate developpers, asset managers & investors, agents, architects and housing associations.

YuconVR is founded in 2001 by Dutch engineer Daan Veldmaat. YuconVR is a flat network organisation based on sustainable partnerships with 3D- & software professionals throughout the world. Our main design studio is located in Ho Chi Min City, Viet Nam.

Why choose YuconVR?

  1. We think in interaction solutions for real estate instead of pictures. Our work has to contribute to your goals you want to achive with 2D and 3D-content. So, weither you want more engagement, a smoother design process our bigger sales, we deliver the 3D visuals our virtual reality-content you need.
  2. More than 16 years of 3D experience and over 3,000 projects successfully completed. If you turn off this track record in front of the competition, there not so much more about.
  3. You’ll get better photorealistic quality at a 30% lower price. You might pay over €1,000 for a premium interior impression at well-known visualization agencies. YuconVR delivers better quality for market rates.
  4. We constantly innovate in interactivity and our processes. YuconVR is constantly improving and renewing in virtual reality solutions for Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift. For example we let your customers enjoy VR in sync. For example during open houses, design meeting our real estate tenders. We enable home buyers to configurate their dream house in photorealistic digital environment.


Daan Veldmaat – 3D Real estate pioneer
Daan is the founder of YuconVR. He started in 2001 as a supplier of digital property maps. Soon the first real estate visualizations and movies followed. Daan succeeded to let YuconVR grow to be the 3D expert in the real estate market. He is a mechanical engineer, but more important: naturally entrepreneur.


Doan Minh Khoa – CGI miracle mind
Doan is the Creative Director of our design studio AlphaID – YuconVR in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. As a creative miracle mind he ensures a wonderfull atmosphere in each impressions. Many house & interior magazines could learn from him.


Wesley de Haan – Virtual Whizzkid
Wesley is Yucon’s Virtual wonderboy with extensive experience in game development. He is also a visual Designer. Wesley works half the time as production manager and the other half as VR designer.

Wesley even developes games and CAI (computer animated images) in his free time. Besides designing games, he likes to design logos. But often he goes analog by painting on canvas and playing baseball.


Designstudio YuconVR

YuconVR’s designstudio is situated in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Twelve creative 3D-designers and technicians work solely for YuconVR.

Our studio works with an excessive database for furniture, building materials, kitchens and bathrooms. So we can match any project style you prefer.

Our clients

YuconVR deliveres virtual reality products and visualizations for property developers, real estate investors, construction companies, marketing agencies, housing associations, architects and real estate agents. We finanlized over 3,000 projects for more 300 clients in over 15 years.